Theme and Profile
Conference Theme

Persist in Innovation in the Norm, Improve Quality in Vitality

Academic Sessions:

Section 1: Early Childhood Education Summit

(Policy interpretations; Business models; Teaching models; Laws and regulations, etc.)

Section 2: Innovative Development of Early Childhood Education

(How to guide parents to choose the kindergarten? how could kindergartens attract social attention? How does kindergarten make greater influence?)

Quality of Early Childhood Education

(What Should A High Quality Kindergarten Look Like? How to Assess the Quality of a Kindergarten? How to Evaluate the Teaching Level of Teachers? How Do Teachers Observe and Evaluate the Development of Young Children? )

Section 4: Global Advanced Curriculum and Prospect

(Curriculum Selection and Implementation in Kindergartens; STEM Education; learn in Nature; Science Education activities; Goals and implementation of early childhood sports activities; Implementation of early childhood reading courses; Children's game activities, etc.)

Section 5: China's Excellent Education Mode and Experience

(The Implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) In Kindergartens; the Charm of Chinese Culture etc.)

Section 6: Fine Management of Kindergarten

(How Could Parents Cooperate With Kindergarten Education? Home and kindergarten interactive; how could principals and teachers manage daily work easily?)

Section 7: Leadership of Principal

(How to build motivated teaching team, how to make teachers work actively? The career development plan of the teachers; how should the teachers appreciate the management of principal?)

Section 8: Professional Growth of Kindergarten Teachers

(How to support the development of young teachers? The solutions of job burnout)

Section 9: Early Childhood Development Service for Children under 3 years old

Exhibit Profile

Teaching Materials & Kids Toys

Teaching tools and toys including all kinds of building blocks, intelligence assembly toys, wooden toys, educational toys, Montessori educational tools etc.

Kindergarten Facilities

Preschool equipment containing playground facilities, kindergarten furniture, kindergarten bedding, kindergarten desks and chairs, school bus etc.

Kindergarten Design & Construction

Design and decoration of kindergartens comprising of environment-friendly floor, floor mat, environment-friendly lawn, decoration engineering, air purification equipment etc.

Preschools Education Products

Preschool supplies consisting of kindergarten uniforms, school bags, bedclothes, art supplies, new electronic white (black) boards etc.

Curriculum Materials & Special Courses

Teaching materials and featured courses including English curriculum, picture books, children's publications, physical intelligence games, science experiment courses, Orff, African drum, art etc.

Brand Licensing & Service

Brand franchise licensing for franchise kindergartens, franchise early education center, franchise training institutions etc.

Kindergarten IT Software

IT software for the kindergartens consisting of management software, home-kindergarten interaction software, transportation system, morning check equipment etc.